The Mini has an homologated two curved 28 mm diameter tube bodywork, a feature which gives extra “freedom” and sliding capacity to the frame. This Scuderia PCR kart is designed for all 60 cc engines and, therefore, it is intended for use at high competition levels in the 60Mini e 60 Baby categories. All the kart components are one-piece and have the same brake pump used on the Advance and MXK8 karts. Moreover the Mini kart does not require the use of front brakes, but it has a rear braking system that is identical to the one mounted on the Scuderia PCR Plus karts (Advance and MXK8): A way of achieving a lighter disc than the one mounted on the rear braking system of other models in the Scuderia PCR range. This kart has an adjustable pitch: it is possible to shorten the pitch when racing on a “mixed track or, vice-versa, “lengthen” it when racing on a fast track.

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