The MXK8 DD2 kart is simply the MXK8 model, but modified so that it comply with regulations imposed by the Rotax single brand geared DD2 category. It therefore has a homologated three curved 30 mm diameter tubes, except for the front tube on the nose which is 32 mm wide.

Apart from the shift lever, it also mounts front brake discs and larger callipers plus a double brake pump.

The MXK8 DD2 does not have the dual bearing at the rear of the kart. This is a decision set by the single brand regulations: because the Rotax engine used in the championship already has the axle hole, so it only needs one single bearing on the engine side.

The MXK2 DD2 kart, and the MXK8 125 which it derives from, has as wider top front section than the MXK8 Base or MXK8 Plus models: a solution designed and engineered to guarantee higher levels of stability when cornering.

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MXK8 DD2 Product details


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The shift lever

The engine and the axle

The rear mud guard

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