The Slalom kart has a non-homologated three curved 32 mm diameter tube body work.
This economic Scuderia PCR kart was made to provide quick rental solutions and pure entertainment on the track; not therefore in competitions where only homologated karts can participate.
This predisposition for quick rental solutions imposed structural changes, such as the kart seat which is longitudinally adjustable to accommodate karters of all heights and also very robust and not one-piece pedals. The kart, however, has not completely lost its competitive spirit. The kart does not require the use of front brakes, but it has a rear braking system that is identical to the one mounted on the Scuderia PCR karts competing in the KF categories such as Advance and MXK8.

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Chassis 73-CH-11 Brake Base 189-FR-14 Brake Plus 74-FR-11 Brake 125 188-FR-14