The Sportman kart has a non-homologated three curved 28 mm diameter tube body work.
This  Scuderia PCR kart was mainly built for the American market (but has an important catchment area in Europe), where they race in the Slalom categories with this type of kart, and ideally in Europe it can be included in the Cadets and the KF3 category.
The frame is therefore designed for kids and, in fact, follows the dimensions of the 60 Mini and the shape of the MXK8. This kart has an adjustable pitch: it is possible to shorten the pitch when racing on a “mixed track or, vice-versa, “lengthen” it when racing on a fast track.
The Sportman kart does not require the use of front brakes, but it has a rear braking system that is identical to the one mounted on the Scuderia PCR Plus karts (Advance and MXK8): a solution that allows you to have a lighter disc than the one mounted on the rear braking system of other models in the Scuderia PCR range.

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Chassis 73-CH-11 Brake Base 189-FR-14 Brake Plus 74-FR-11 Brake 125 188-FR-14